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I recently had a reading with June Lampert in Salem. She was able to contact my husband Ace, who died tragically a few years ago. June gave very specific evidence regarding my husband. I felt a comforting warmth the rest of the day. What a gifted soul she is. -- Amanda V., Salem

June Rose Lampert is a licensed psychic and medium living and working in Salem, Massachusetts. June is the granddaughter of gifted psychic and medium Rose Simon Poster. June's practice includes readings both in person and over the phone. Contact June at junelampert@hotmail.com or at 978-744-8149.

Since childhood, June has always been able to tune into the situations and people around her, but in 2004 her life was altered by a series of unexpected occurrences. She emerged from these transformational events with an enhanced ability to see into the realm of what lies beyond our daily experience. She is now extraordinarily grateful for these events that opened the floodgates to this new level of psychic ability. She is gifted with both clairvoyance and clairaudience.

June Lampert Salem Psychic

It was around the same time that June also made a physical move, relocating to Salem, Massachusetts. She found in Salem the spiritual home that she had been seeking. Salem, a city steeped in centuries of history and located on the beautiful Atlantic Ocean, is known to many as a community welcoming to practitioners of Wicca and to those seeking the Light.

June is a great friend of mine who has been guiding me for the last four years. She's very clairvoyant and accurate with her readings and spiritual guidance. June has helped me in all aspects of life including self spirituality, career opportunities, fitness with yoga and personal matters. I have referred many family members and friends to her. -- Evan M.

In her readings June is able to tune into the person's vibrational energy and tap into the person's higher self. She feels a true connection with the Divine in her readings. She has been told time and again that her assessments of situations and people are accurate and enlightening and that her commentary and guidance have been invaluable in addressing life situations.

Consistently skilled as a medium, June is able to feel the presence of and to communicate with those who have crossed over.

June is interested in and has studied a wide range of healing modalities. She holds a Master's degree in Counseling Psychology from Cambridge College. A long-time yoga practitioner and meditator in the Kriya tradition, she is also a Reiki Master and has studied through the Greater Boston Church of Spiritualism in Watertown. She worked for many years as a Psychic Medium at 'Angelica of the Angels' in Salem, MA. Her work experience also includes several years working with clients at Hospice.

I recently had a very exciting and delightful experience, being read by the medium June Rose Lampert. She was phenomenal. She talked about my late father and all of my deceased grandparents in detailed descriptions. I was amazed. She's a very gifted woman and also very lovely to talk to. -- Donna C.

Her formal education has complemented her innate psychic and mediumistic abilities. Above all, June trusts in Spirit and seeks to provide honest insight to those for whom she performs readings.

June's clients hail not just from Salem but from different communities of Boston's North Shore such as Marblehead, Peabody, and Beverly, as well as the cities of Boston, Cambridge and the surrounding areas.

Do you need help in making a decision, to clarify a situation or achieve insight into a problem? Are you looking to shine the light of gifted intuition into the mystery of your life's path? Let June use the gentle power of her psychic gifts to help you. Contact June at junelampert@hotmail.com or at 978-744-8149.

I first contacted June when my father passed away. At the same time as I was managing his estate and dealing with family drama, I was facing stress and tension at my job. June provided perfect guidance and intuitive solutions to both situations. Over the years I have reached out to June for readings in person or by phone and, each time, I feel like I just received the best combination of psychic guidance and life counseling. June speaks through love and peace and she is incredibly accurate. She just knows. -- Lola I.

I recently had a reading with June, and I have to tell you that it was the best reading I have ever had, and I have had many in my 44 years of living. She is simply amazing! -- Susan B., New Jersey

My daughter and I recently had readings with June. A dear friend highly recommended her. We found June to be amazingly accurate, kind and compassionate. We both walked away feeling enlightened. I would recommend her to anyone. -- Elaine

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